Java hashCode() collisions

Oct 31, 12:26 AM

Having previously read about hash collision attacks, it occurred to me that it was not trivial to generate collisions.

In particular, I’m looking for strings that have a hashCode() of 0, since this can cause the JVM to re-compute the hash.

What do colliding alphanumeric Strings look like in java? Here’s a sample.

ARbyguv ARbygvW ARbygw8 ARbyhVv ARbyhWW ARbyhX8 ARbyi7v ARbyi8W ARbyi98 ARcZguv ARcZgvW ARcZgw8 ARcZhVv ARcZhWW ARcZhX8 ARcZi7v ARcZi8W ARcZi98 ASCyguv ASCygvW ASCygw8 ASCyhVv ASCyhWW ASCyhX8 ASCyi7v ASCyi8W ASCyi98 ASDZguv ASDZgvW ASDZgw8 ASDZhVv ASDZhWW



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